7 in 7: 2

7 in 7 issue number 2, here we go…

1. Radek Dvorak retired after over 1,200 games with FLA, NYR, EDM, STL, ATL, DAL, ANA and Carolina! He was drafted in 1995 and used the SAME shoulder pads his entire NHL career! Of course there were lots of patches and fixes but he never had to worry about breaking in new shoulder pads!


2. With an off day in Arizona, Eric and Jordan Staal got to see the Phoenix International Raceway. It’s only a mile track but it sits right in the middle of beautiful scenery. The brothers said checking out a NASCAR race was always on their bucket list. I did some NASCAR trivia with them on the way to the track for fun and they got nearly all the questions correct! Did you know the first ever NASCAR race took place in Charlotte, NC?



3. Last month I had a blast shooting with Sean Junqueira in Raleigh. We took some shots at the Art Museum and then at a cozy little spot, the Videri Chocolate Factory. A little hidden gem with delicious treats and coffee!

Here are a Couple of looks…

image 1

image 2

4. Casino Night for the Kids N Community foundation is just around the corner.  This year’s theme is the ‘Blackbeard’s Ball.’ I’m still debating what to wear but this is by far my favorite fundraiser because everyone is relaxed, having a good time and the decorations and food are incredible. I’m putting together a basket for the silent auction with all my favorite things… Hope to see you on Feb 22!


5.  The Canes have seen a lot of success with Number 11 back in the lineup. I like to call it the ‘Jordan Staal effect.’ January has been the best month yet, going 7-3-2. While he was out, less experienced teammates had to absorb a lot of the responsibilities and fill the void of a Stanley Cup winner. Now that he’s back, Peters mentioned that it makes things very competitive in a good way, having the healthy bodies. But of all things, his leadership is “contagious,” according to his teammates. Riley Nash said that 11 shows “you don’t have any excuses.” You have to play hard on both ends, get into tough areas, and put 100% into every shift. Jordan has this and executes it well….special player.


6. It’s the Beanpot this week and next. I looooove this tournament. This photo is throwing it back to 2012 with Johnny Hockey, the Beanpot MVP as a freshman! Shout out to my brother who is handling all the important things behind the scenes for Northeastern hockey who had quite the thrill!



7. I Love when teabags have a good quote on them for you to enjoy while you’re sipping. The Halls cough drops that I’ve been living on have started to do the same, calling it ‘a pep talk in every drop.’ Here’s a good one:

Nothing You Can’t Handle.