2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs- an NYC Adventure

A 2-month long road trip- imagine that!
During the final Hurricanes’ road trip of the regular season (stops in Detroit and Philadelphia) I found out I would cover my first Stanley Cup playoffs as a full-time reporter. We landed in Raleigh on 4/13 at 9pm and by 9am on 4/14 I was on my way to New York City!
It’s tough to pack all your clothes and necessities into a 60″ by 25″ space of suitcase but I managed!
My allegiances have always been to Boston but to my surprise I loved New York City. I was living in Times Square working with some really awesome people at NHL Network that not only taught me a lot but were always kind and welcoming.

The ‘Digital Show’ was a new concept for everyone on the project as well as myself but it was an exciting challenge. There was an adjustment period as there always is any time you start something new. On the nights in the first round where there were up to four games per night, things were hectic and often we didn’t leave the NYC studio until 3:00 am. But how could I not enjoy getting to watch and cover every Stanley Cup Playoff game? It was a lot of work but rewarding.

I am so grateful for the people I met while working for NHL network and NHL.com. Everyone from the producers to the production assistants to EJ and Steve made the experience enjoyable. (And if you know me well- I don’t throw around compliments so I really mean it when I say how awesome it was!)

Although it was disappointing that the Hurricanes did not make the playoffs, I have to say it was great to follow and get to know the Rangers better. ¬†(Especially living in Rangerstown!) ¬†There were tons of interesting story lines- the final goodbye for Teemu Selanne and the Blackhawks and Kings overtime battles with some of the most captivating hockey I’ve ever seen- but my favorite series was the Canadiens-Rangers. The heart you saw in the locker room as they awarded the Broadway hat and came together after two deaths of teammates’ loved ones was something quite beautiful and unique.

Here are a couple of links of work from NYC. In the next post I will talk about the Final including an 8-hour airport delay that resulted in NHL Net talent playing cards with condiments as poker chips! ‘Stay Tuned.’

Rangers Spelling Bee

Boston College Eagles in the Playoffs