Nathan Gerbe and his Breathtaking Goal

Nathan Gerbe got his tenth goal of the season against Steve Mason at Wells Fargo Center. But this wasn’t your everyday snipe, this was a top shelf, between-the-legs shot that even puzzled his teammates.

During the intermission following, I asked Gerbe what was the thought process to use that move as he approached the crease.
“I tried to be creative. I just saw the gap and the angle that I could try it and fortunately it went in.” He was downplaying the beauty of it so I said “Between the legs!” He went on to say “It’s something I tried as a kid and I just thought of trying it here. Luckily it went in.”

Coach Kirk Muller called it “gutsy” and said he wouldn’t have tried it himself. Eric Staal and Jiri Tlusty both agreed that the Hurricanes’ bench was surprised but said he does have “sweet hands.”

Gerbe said he hadn’t tried that in the NHL and couldn’t remember trying that at Boston College either. First time for everything! I asked Ron Francis after the game if he had tried that in his playing years. His reply was “Oh yeah!” with a smile.

Tonight Gerbe faces his former, where his NHL career began. Rod Brind’ Amour said he has always been impressed seeing him play for Buffalo and felt Gerbe was always an underrated player. The two met face to face in no surprise- the weight lifting room when Gerbe became a member of the Canes. Brind’ Amour calls him one of the hardest working players, who does everything he needs to prepare off the iceā€¦ add “gutsy” to that list of compliments too!

Now what’s better Thomas Hertl’s goal or this?

Buffalo Blizzard

A lot of people have asked what exactly the weather was like in Buffalo that caused an NHL team to postpone a game in a city that sees dozens of blizzards annually. The entire country was going through a deep freeze with below freezing temperatures.

I have been through plenty of winter storms living 22 years in New England but I had never seen weather like this. When the plane landed and we had to walk a few yards to the bus the wind was unbearable and it was only a dozen steps. You could not see more than a 5 feet in front of you. As we rode to the hotel, the gust was so strong that stop signs were bending. It was truly incredible. I have no idea how people did not lose power and trees weren’t toppling over. Most of the businesses around our hotel were closed leaving everyone stuck in the hotel for 2 and a half days.
There was a ban for anyone driving on the roads. If you were trying to drive, you got a pricey ticket. Still hard to imagine this storm?

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